This layout, currently under construction, had a few goals:

  • To use up the remaining model bamboo, agave, and palm trees I purchased for my Brazilian micro layout.
  • To use up the remaining XPS insulation foam used to build my Brazilian micro layout.
  • To fill in the gap under my Petra pizza micro layout.
  • To explore what is possible in a 2×2 feet / 600mm x 600mm space, that is more complex than the standard loop of track.

At time of writing this, the layout has had very little work done on it. It is basically the frame and baseboard, with insulation foam (XPS) glued to it. I designed some track plans, some of them being derived from the traditional ‘pizza’ type track plan, some based on the late Carl Arendt’s ‘Square Foot Estate’ but in HO / OO, and some that are just ‘out there’. For the first time, I had planned to build and use a CD turntable – basically a CD / DVD disk converted to a model railway turntable.

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