The HO Scale Dolton Industry Park model railroad module has a number of industries of various types to switch to add operating interest.

Cook County Freight Forwarders

Ships and receives almost anything. Mostly uses box cars.
This industry is located on the thoroughfare track and so needs to have cars delivered last, and picked up first. The time constraints of switching to and from this industry makes it an interesting industry to service.

Petra Aggregates

Stone, coal and dry cement dealer. Sends aggregate in hoppers and gondollas. Receives aggregate, sand and coal in open hoppers or gondollas.
Also receives bulk dry cement in covered hoppers.

South Chicago Flour and Grains

A flour mill and grain storage company, it produces cereal flour of various types, blended flours, bread mixes, and animal feeds. It sends and receives in box cars and covered hoppers.

American Electric

An electrical wholesaler that supplies and receives a vast variety of electrical equipment
Once upon a time there was a spur next to the loading dock, but that spur has long since been removed. Loading and unloading is performed by a forklift between the car being loaded / unloaded and the loading dock in the building.

Midwest Foods

Receives food ingredients in covered hoppers, tank cars, reefers and box cars. Sends refrigereated and frozen foods out in reefers.
This industry has 4 car spots over two spurs, making it the highest capacity industry on the layout. It has the freight platform (shown below) which is where reefers and box cars and loaded and unloaded and another (very) low relief building at the end of the spur next to the freight platform spur that is the bulk goods unloading building which is where cpvered hoppers and tank cars are unloaded.

Team Track

Sends and receives anything in any type of car. Capacity 2 cars. This industry serves a number of businesses in the park, including:

  • 88MPH – Delorian Time Machine conversions.
  • B. Blunt – Sawmill.
  • Burns Firewood – Firewood supplier.
  • Chicagoland Fer-T-Chem – Chemical manufacturer.
  • S. Nail-Pace Carpenters¬† – Furniture and housing frame manufacturers.
  • Bluwall Printers – Commercial printers.

Pseudo Industries

Locations that provide extra switching interest that are treated like industries, but are not really industries.

Refuel Point

It receives deisel fuel, and so is effectively treated as an industry as far as switching is concerned. It shares a spur with the Team Track.

Yard Office

This industry doesnt receive shipments very often. When it does, it receives spare parts for repairing and maintaining locos and rollingstock. This shares a spur with South Chicago Flour and Grains.